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6 Reasons to Choose People N Safety

Because we’re all about YOU! Working in partnership with you to get the results you’re looking for. Putting you in control for immediate impact. Guiding you through each step of the process so you can repeat the steps and continue to grow your safety leadership for years to come.

You need someone with extensive experience from the business “inside” and not just classroom theory. “Real world” solutions, right? That’s what being “you focused” is all about!

“…Through your expertise and help in Egypt, Algeria and throughout the UK, we have now been able to develop our own internal programme and it is continuing to achieve measurable successes even today.”

Steve Marchant
M W Kellogg Ltd, UK

When you call for help the last thing you want to do is battle with the “gate keeper” for access to your safety partner and coach. You want to be able to connect easily. Right?

So when you call that’s who you get. You have the direct number for your executive People N Safety coach. Your time is important and we act like it!

Ever notice what happens when you begin to work with another company? There is always a lot of communication at least until the contract is signed. And you deserve more than that.

At PNS we guide you through each step of the process, taking as much time as necessary to show you what to do, how and why. After all, that’s what you expect, right? Understanding the process so that you can continue to grow and develop safety leadership within your organization. We never let you get lost in the process!

Are your safety communications not at the level you’re looking for? Your ability to authentically communicate your vision for safety directly impacts your level of success. Do you know how to capture everyone’s attention and interest using only your words to move people to your point of view? We show you the secrets of how to move from being an ordinary speaker to becoming an extraordinary leader and communicator!

“Without a doubt, this class has been the best presentation skills training class I have attended in thirty years.”

Richard Cerenzio
Vice President Training
Welltech Safety

Wouldn’t you like to know what your real company or site issues are? There are many agencies that offer training and workshops all while making people feel good about safety. But what you want is to get at the heart of the problem quickly to identify the real issues to working incident and injury free right?

You want a breakthrough process that continuously works to cut through the barriers and obstacles to worker safety. The PNS process identifies your company's “real issues” to working incident and injury free!

“…I would recommend this approach for anyone wishing to really know what's happening on their job site.”

Ron Brown
Safety Manager

What would you think about a breakthrough process that delivered immediate results and offered long term differences in the way people think, act, and feel about safety at your place of business? We deliver quick impact!

Ask yourself this. Are you doing targeted things to purposely transform your organization’s safety culture to one that is incident and injury free? If not, why not?

Choose People N Safety as your safety partner and Experience The Difference Today!

"I highly recommend that everyone entertain the opportunity to hear and embrace the philosophy that PNS brings to the table. The improvements are IMMEDIATE and SUSTAINABLE. When Safety is going well, all other aspects improve as well. It IS possible to be “INCIDENT & INJURY FREE.”

Dean Stagner
Project Mgr. Brown & Root

6 Reasons

1. We're all about YOU!
2. Your time is important and we
    act like it.
3. You never get lost in the
4. We show you the secrets.
5. We identify "real issues" to
    working incident and injury free.
6. We deliver quick impact.

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