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The People N Safety Leadership-Based Safety Process is a powerful way of transforming individuals, organizations and their cultures to one that is injury free driven. This is not a program, goal, or wish list but a powerful approach to living and leading the safety process.

The PNS process uses techniques that transform the way people think and act regarding HSE in an extraordinary way. Most people think of consulting processes as training or teaching and indeed this is the basis for most practices but as you read on you will discover that it takes more than simple training to create injury free environments. It takes a process that transforms the way people think, act, and feel about safety. It takes a process that is built on causing a different safety future to emerge and not just trying to do a little better than before.

People N Safety’s approach creates a new framework for safety. Our process causes, supports, and fosters safety as an individual and organizational value and core belief. It is all about living and leading the safety process.

This process dramatically transforms the way people think and act with regard to HSE. From the normal way of thinking "people get hurt in the process of doing work" to one where "no one gets hurt around me."

In an ordinary work culture, many people do not see themselves responsible for their own safety or for the safety of others. What counts most is getting the job done while not getting caught taking shortcuts. A popular expression heard among the workforce is “just getter done.” In this type of work environment everyone realizes that someone will get hurt but most believe it won't be them.

The transformation change process begins when individuals and organizations: 

  • understand the danger and want to change.
  • are willing to be led by and trust their leadership.
  • trust each other and a "we can" team spirit surfaces.
  • develop a feeling of freedom to challenge the established beliefs, views, and practices.
  • commit to being injury free.

Take a good look at the diagram below. In many organizations most individuals and collective group thinking accepts, even expects, a level of incidents and injuries. As you can see, an injury free culture causes different thinking and behaviors to emerge.



People N Safety Leadership-Based Injury Free Process

People N Safety’s consulting practice is based on a three-phase process approach in which safety transformation is caused at individual, operational, and organizational levels.

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3-Phase Process
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