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Overview of What We Do

People N Safety consulting services is uniquely positioned to help you create the ultimate in high performance safety projects and worksites. Their resources include seasoned professionals with the “know how” to drive world class performance.

Our processes are build on our exclusive Leadership-Based™ Safety and we offer quality and reliable services you can always count on.

World Class Project Performance:
Are you planning capital projects and looking for ways to create an aligned team who are committed to extraordinary world class results? Then look no further, People N Safety is the partner you’re searching for.

Our unique approach consists of the process of creating organizational leadership skills and competencies that become the cornerstone in producing and sustaining a working environment where exceptional performance is the norm.  We utilize practical techniques that are effective in both commercial and industrial settings. 

By design, the three phase People N Safety process is structured to cause a shift in organizational culture causing people to create and maintain a safer and healthier working environment. This is accomplished through the development of people throughout all levels of the organization.

Leadership Development:
Are you looking for an exciting new way to build stronger leadership and a more confident team culture within your worksites or organization?

People N Safety provides powerful leadership-based™ safety development and business performance workshops that focus on developing skill sets to support supervisors and managers in addressing today’s challenging issues.  It’s not enough to learn how to supervise and manage people. Today’s leaders must learn how to create breakthroughs in all areas of performance.

Employee Development:
In addition to working with your company’s leadership People N Safety also offers unique training and coaching for your employees. We work with you and your organization to develop a working environment and culture, where employees want to work without incidents or injuries; not because they "have to" but because they "want to."

To initiate this transition, we involve your employees in a half day class that is designed to help them overcome their fears and anxiety of speaking up when they observe others working at risk in the workplace.

You probably already tell your employees about the importance of stopping someone and letting them know when they see someone doing something unsafe, but more often than not, it just doesn't happen. Everyone nods their heads in agreement that it needs to be done, but it’s a hard thing to do. How do you approach someone that may not be in a good mood, older than you, more experienced than you, or even your supervisor?

If you recognize this situation in your workplace, then we have just the right solution for you. We use adult learning techniques, modeling tools and role playing to get three simple but very powerful steps across to deliver effective feedback and listening.

Rescue and Recovery:
Unfortunately, we've all seen and experienced situations like this before. You put your best policies, procedures, and safety practices in place and still people are being injured.

Often your organization may recognize something isn't working and make the decision is to take a time out. Unfortunately, there are occasions when, the client demands that "something" has to change and may even instruct you to send everyone home until you come back with a plan. With little information or nothing to go on, what is the right plan of choice?

That's where People N Safety can help. We have the plan ready and it is one that’s sure to meet your client's satisfaction and approval.

We know our customers can't afford to be off the job long and People N Safety can take immediate steps to help you initiate your new recovery plan.

We are ready to meet with you and your client to discuss your plan, gain their approval, and put all the necessary events into place to immediately begin the intervention and change process.

Behavioral Observation:
The Behavioral safety observation process is now fully recognized as an essential element of a positive safety culture. Employees at all levels within an organization need to be able to recognize the unsafe behaviors of others as well as their own.

If unsafe acts and behaviors are part of your work culture, then everyone in it is at risk for serious injury.

If you already have a process in place but feel like it is failing or not reaching its full potential, then give us a call. Did you know there are four key reasons Behavioral Observation Processes are failing in today's workplace? The good news is that they can all be saved and you can have what you have always wanted...a process that works!


Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful efforts.
              -Erskine Bowles

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