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"Danny, I truly believe there are only a few experiences in life that will make a lasting impression and your seminar some years ago did that. Thank you”

Richard Jefferson

“Your professional approach and expert knowledge inspired myself and our management team to enter into a major long term exercise to address the issues that were raised during your initial presentations and workshops.

Through your expertise and help in Egypt, Algeria and throughout the UK, we have now been able to develop our own internal programme and it is continuing to achieve measurable successes even today.”

Steve Marchant
BBS Team Leader
M W Kellogg Ltd

“I am pleased and proud to highlight the relationship, accomplishments, and the continuing efforts that TIMEC Company, Inc. And its employees have experienced since partnering with People N Safety, Inc. in early 2006 to formulate a plan for commitment to incident and injury free.

We have experienced employees, supervisors, managers, and clients who were moved by the initial leadership workshops that were designed and led by People N Safety.  We have been witness to personnel who we did not think could be changed or moved, and in fact surprised us with their commitment to injury and incident free initiatives.  Conversations with clients or potential clients regarding cutting edge technology for improved safety performance is easily answered with an overview of our program and partnering with People N Safety.

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) during the month of May 2007 recognized facilities in the petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing industries, and contractors supporting the industries, for outstanding achievements in safe operations for the calendar year 2006 during their annual safety conference and awards program.

TIMEC was recognized with a total of thirty three Contractor Awards for Meritorious Safety Performance.  This performance marks the greatest number of awards ever earned by TIMEC for a single year performance.

Our total recordable incidence rate fell in 2006 to the second lowest ever in the history of the company.

The commitment, increased employee participation, and open lines of communication have improved across the company due to our partnering with People N Safety.  These improvements translate to safer working environments, increased loss control awareness, and proactive leadership that set the example for excellence in safety values.

We continue to appreciate the professional guidance and counsel that People N Safety takes with its development and maintenance of an injury and incident free commitment program designed for our ever changing and challenging industry.  I will continue to encourage others to join the journey."

Dennis Truitt
Vice President, Health, Safety & Environmental
TIMEC Company, Inc.

 “I learned a lot from the climate/culture surveys we reviewed in the leadership workshop. This information will change my management style forever. I never realized how the little things we do as management make such a difference to the workers perception of reality.”

Dale Wormington
Site Manager

“In my experience over the last twenty-five years, I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars and classes pertaining to Safety but I have never experienced such a moving, inspirational and passionate workshop. I have now put the PNS principles to use and have begun experiencing incident and injury free performance on our worksites.” 

Robert Randazzo
HS&E Manager
WW Operations

“Thank you for delivering the keynote speech at our 6th Annual Safety Partnership Forum. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Your personal customization of the presentation reflected our past successes and skillfully laid out a roadmap of where we need to go next to become world class in safety. We had many comments from our members that said it was the best presentation yet!”

Peter Stock
Sarnia-Lambton Industrial Educational Cooperative,
SARNIA, ON, Canada

“Without a doubt, this class has been the best presentation skills training class I have attended in thirty years.”

Richard Cerenzio
Vice President Training
Welltech Safety

“During the last 30 years, I have attended many training classes, conferences, seminars and safety workshops but I have never experienced such passion around safety before.

This is without doubt the best workshop I have ever attended and I can’t wait to get back to my jobsite to put this process in place.  This workshop goes way beyond physical safety and the normal workplace safety process we are so use to.”

Rubin Garcia
Safety Manager

“Your course is beneficial for employees from all different departments to really gain an awareness and understanding of the vital importance of having an injury-free workplace. Participating in the course really gave me a chance to learn about the daily challenges that operations often has to overcome in their quest to ensure that everyone goes safely to their family at the end of the day. A safe and injury-free work environment should be the number one priority for all departments.”

Natalie Phillips
Manager, Customer Service
ShawCor Ltd.

“Thanks for helping us better understand our real relationships with safety. This training has changed my outlook and will help me to show our people how safety affects their life and the lives of those around them.”

Brian McCallum
TIMEC PNW Operations Manager

“It is always great helping our workers stay safe. Each workshop is a renewal for me personally.”

Terry Henderson
ShawCor Ltd.
Global Insurance Manager

“I've talked to several people since the employee Speak-Up and Listen-Up classes were held last week and all have given positive feedback. The most common comment was the class was more personal than others they have attended.

The supervisor class was extremely good also. It got us together in a small group, and really let us understand how the people felt at Dow; our employees as well as the client’s employees (Dow). It was, at times, embarrassing and uncomfortable to hear the feedback, but it really woke us up to what the people’s perceptions were of us. It helped me refocus my ways of doing business, and strengthened my commitment to help my employees work injury free.

I would recommend this approach for anyone wishing to really know what's happening on their job site.”

Ron Brown
Site Safety Manager

“It was a sincere pleasure to attend the workshop this week. I really enjoyed it and felt that I left with a much better perspective on what it takes to be incident and injury free.”

Fred Gallina,
VP Operations
ShawCor Ltd.

“Without reservation, I recommend Danny for any initiative involving the human aspects of safety to achieve a step-change in HSE performance.”

John W. Quinn
CEO, M W Kellogg Ltd
Greenford Road, Greenford, U.K.

“Thank you for your part (Keynote speech and workshop) in the 2007 Operations Conference held in Newport Beach, California. The information and insights you shared were relevant and added value for those fortunate enough to be in attendance at your session.”

Diana Zoren
Senior Program Manager
Western Energy Institute

“I highly recommend that everyone entertain the opportunity to hear and embrace the philosophy that PNS brings to the table. The improvements are IMMEDIATE and SUSTAINABLE. When Safety is going well, all other aspects improve as well. It IS possible to be “INCIDENT & INJURY FREE.”

Dean Stagner
Project Manager
Brown & Root

“Today’s workshop internalized the concept of safety in a way that I can practice daily and subsequently use to influence others. This process is different than issuing manuals, protocols and banners that are usually placed on shelves to gather dust.”

Bredero Shaw


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